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2010-02-03 02:48:02 by BoltClock

Well, it's fucking February! Or rather, three days in...

So, what can you expect?

In the previous post, which has been edited to a terrible, bloody, gory, gruesome death, I said the ETA of Origins Part 2 is this month. I don't know when, but mark my words it will certainly be this month.

Meanwhile... expect a (rather late but whatever) surprise either this or next week. There, a hint. You can either go and figure it out on your own... or you can just sit your ass there and rot waiting for the surprise.

Or maybe you'll smell even nicer. Like... like durians! They're... oh, wait, NO THEY'RE NOT.

Argh, just, wait for it, OK?!

Also, longpost is long.


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