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Happy Clock Day, one and all!

Things just keep going downhill, don't they? I don't need to talk about 2020.

What I will say, though, is that for once, after so many years, I've finally not had to scramble to finish something — either a solo project or collaboration part — for Clock Day. I jumped in a few weeks late to Pass The Spam Drei, but PolyhedronClock accorded me the privilege of making the end credits. I sweetened the deal by adding an epilogue to forc— make the credits actually worth watching.

Once the plot had wrapped up it was my cue to go wild. So I did. And I got it done within the day. Ahead of schedule and on track for this big day.

And here it is: Pass The Spam Drei.

Will I have a solo animation for this year's Clock Day? Well, I considered it, but the only thing that felt appropriate was a send-off to Flash Player of sorts. I'd need to think of a dedication not unlike the one I did for the 10th anniversary of the CC:

But I'd wanted to concentrate just on Pass The Spam Drei all this past week. I didn't want to add one more project to my headspace and end up wrecking both in the process. So, this year, let the collab be my Clock Day contribution. It has been an honor just to be part of it at all.

I'm also immensely grateful to ScrewdriverClock for putting me in as a cameo (2 weeks before I even joined in!), because it shows me that there are people out here who think of me, value my existence, and express it as more than just lip service (and even just lip service would've been something). I've been in a very dark place, and Clock Day, and by extension the Clock Crew and the Newgrounds community, has been one of the few things that actually made me feel like I matter, time and time again.

I guess I still have the remainder of the year to post something else special — even though most years I never end up doing so. But I'll leave it open one last time this year. Flash as an animation tool is here to stay, that's for sure — I will continue to animate as a Clock for the foreseeable future (and my Origins series still needs closure). But I do still want to give Flash Player one last send-off. It's only right that I do.

I'll let you know again if I come up with something


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