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I'll not coauthor n00b-l0s3r as much now

2007-07-19 03:03:05 by BoltClock

I've decided a couple months back that only very few of my future Clock Flashes will coauthor n00b-l0s3r. I feel it's unfair, and this account was here to store Clock Flashes, so yeah.

This account might be a little too inactive. You can see my experience and B/P aren't pretty much.

But outside NG I will be known as BoltClock. Yeah.

SBC is king. B.


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2007-12-11 17:31:15

First comment


2008-06-27 05:21:55

Sure thing bolt..
Hope you still will be going on CC chat i don't go on it anymore coz i can't be assed


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